Buying an antique fireplace

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Though they may go by many different names – including fireplace, mantelpiece, chimneypiece, kamine, cheminee or chiminea – antique fireplaces are universally popular the world over. An important architectural and decorative feature in the interior of all manner of different homes and houses, antique fireplaces can be used to set the style of a room or complement the existing features.

For many people, buying an antique fireplace helps them to capture some of the mystique felt in the presence of a structure that has endured years and even centuries as the silent witness to events and routines from the depths of the past.

Tangible evidence of the validity and quality of age old crafts and skills, and the internalisation of architectural concepts of design and natural materials make them the fine treasures that they are.

Matching the period and style of your home

Over the centuries building styles and decorating fashions have evolved and changed. There were transition periods both long and short when one style flowed into the next, but just as important were the more radical changes where the next style bore little relation to anything that predated it, breaking off in new directions of architectural and interior design. A great example of this is the exotic Rococo style that spread all over Europe in the 18th Century after its origins were developed in Paris. Additionally, many styles were revived in later centuries, reintroducing previous architectural and décor modes from earlier periods. These include Neo Gothic, Gothic Revival, Jacobean, Renaissance, Baroque, Rococo, Palladian, Georgian and Regency Revivals periods.

If you own a property of a particular period and style then you would probably want to install  a fireplace that matches or complements the period features. On the other hand you may wish to bring period features to the style of a more modern or non-specific interior. This can either be done with the addition of a few elements or the recreation of a period room. A Georgian fireplace, for example, can look stylish alongside plain or hi tech décor as the one major traditional antique element as well as completing an entire redecoration matching the Georgian manner in either a Georgian property or a newer build.

Dimensions and scale

In addition to style and period considerations, another significant factor for choosing the right antique fireplace for the right room in the right location is the dimensions or scale of your fireplace project area. It’s important to be careful when choosing your fireplace to ensure that it matches the scale of the room in terms of height, width and also in its depth.

This is especially the case for rooms of a smaller size. It is essential to be aware of all of the relevant dimensions including those of the firebox to ensure that the fitting is a success. Anticipating the possibility of needing alterations to accommodate a chosen antique mantel will help to ensure that the installation of the fireplace is trouble free. 

Though there are other considerations for buying the right antique fireplace mantle  for your property, getting the period to match or compliment the rooms, as well as choosing the right dimension to fit the environment will put you in a good position to add elegance, grandeur and style.

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About Westland London
Westland London is a vast panorama of antiques spanning over 16 galleries at St Michael’s Church, London. The Georgian style Neo-Classical fire grate is one of the latest additions to its impressive collection of Georgian fireplaces and grates. The Courtyard also displays a wide selection of all kinds of antique architectural elements, antique fireplaces, statuary and fountains.
Period pieces include Victorian, Renaissance, Baroque, Rococo, Neo-Classical, Regency, Art Nouveau and Art Deco. Georgian fireplaces sit below Regency chandeliers to provide a large range of choice throughout the galleries. 
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Buying an antique fireplace

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Buying an antique fireplace

This article was published on 2012/03/28